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45,000 steps around Chicago

April 09, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

I try to visit at least two new places a year and this past weekend, I got to see a new city. It was designated as my birthday weekend get-away, so that makes about 3 weeks in a row that I have celebrated turning 40.

I really enjoyed this city. It felt a little like New York but smaller and a little like Montreal, but maybe because we were greeted in french at our hotel. We stayed at the Sofitel and I would definitely recommend this hotel. It's a beautiful hotel, great customer service, great location and the beds felt like what I imagine sleeping on a cloud would feel like.

Here's a list of some favorite places in Chicago...

Lou Malnati's Pizza... Carnival Restaurant for dinner/cottom candy dessert... Eately to shop/eat/drink wine... Lou Mitchels for breakfast (who doesn't want free ice cream after breakfast?). Are you seeing a trend yet? Yes, we ate a lot. in Chicago, but it's a great foodie town. Also Millenium Park( I loved photographing the "Bean" and I made hubby get up at 6am on vacation to get there at sunrise) ... Hancock Building( go to 96th floor for drinks and great views) ... view of the city from the Planetarium.


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