About Us


My name is Heather Weimer.

I am a country girl that loves the city. I am married to an amazing guy that supports all of my crazy dreams. I have a special needs stepdaughter, who teaches me to live in the moment and enjoy life everyday.

How did I get into photography?

I have always been the designated "familly photographer",  but my professional photography journey began when I traveled with my husband to take photos of world music performances. I quickly fell in love with the challenge of shooting in low light and playing with different angles. There was also that awesome perk of shooting in front of the stage and the backstage passes.

How did I get into family/newborn photography?

A friend asked me to take photos of her baby and after the session was over, I knew that newborn photography was something I wanted to specialize in.

What is my photography style?

I usually start with an organized plan of poses and a prop or two and then see where the session goes from there. I want the session to be relaxed and fun.

What are some of my favorite things?

Traveling, Italian food, weight lifting, spending time with family, wine tastings, hiking, kayaking, nature, ballet.

I would love to hear from you. Please feel free to email, text, call or message me anytime.